Terri Peace - "Autumn"

Core Contribution: "Empowering Youth"

There were many great programs and people already here when Autumn arrived, but she has provided the glue that holds it all together – a culture of empowering youth. Glue is subtle but very powerful.

Leadership Contributions: 1993 - ongoing

Coordination, leadership and program development of Mysterious Encounters, Winter Treasures, Sunship Earth, Explorers, HEAT, Eco-Partners, LEAD and HEAT, to name a few.

Personal Reflection

When I first “discovered” the AEC, it was like finding all of my passions in one: teaching and working with people, being in nature and the great outdoors, and doing things to help this wonderful world of ours. And, it was like everything I had ever done had prepared me to be a part of this place. It is hard to believe that it has now been almost ten years since I first entered the doors, and yet in some ways it seems like a life time… in a very good way.

From leading programs, to coordinating programs, to creating programs….how do you find the words to put down in writing all that you have done, felt, experienced, learned, shared? I’m not sure that I can, but with my (requisite) tea in hand, I read through what others have written and say “Yes! That is it!” Or, as I go through the H.E.A.T. photo album, even more so to me, that says “Yes! That is it!’ From the people that you get to be with, to the principles of “ELFSTORM” that we all strive to uphold, to the successes we celebrate…that is what it means to be a part of the Adventure Earth Centre.

But as for my personal contributions specifically? You mean besides homemade banana chocolate chip muffins? Made and served with care? There are a number of specific accomplishments that I feel pretty good about, but in general, I feel like most of my efforts go into putting all the pieces together to make good things happen. Actually, I often liken myself to “Charlotte”, from Charlotte’s Web. Or a spider in general, weaving the web, making the connections, creating opportunities, fostering relationships. And if I can take that analogy a bit further, if you think of the spectacular beauty of a spider’s web, with its tiny diamonds of dew drops captured in the morning sunlight, I would once again feel like the spider behind that work of art…at the end of Eco-Partners, or another successful H.E.A.T. camp weekend.

I chose to be Autumn, as it is my favourite time of year…it is when I feel the most alive.

Now I love when I get to be Autumn… it is when I feel the most alive.