Reta Boyd

Core Contribution: "Founding Spirit"

We recognize today how important Elders are to the young people growing through our programs. Reta was the Elder for Alan, George and the AEC itself way back at the very beginning. She was always there to encourage, support, participate and spread our zany ideas, helping us make AEC dreams real.

Leadership Contributions: 1980 - ongoing

Grade five teacher who served on the organizing committee for the very first program… Sunship Journey, and went on to support the programs in many ways over many years, including as a leader of the first Sunship Earth camp in 1989.

Personal Reflection

For more than seven decades I have been on a Sunship Journey; however I did not realize this fact until I met Alan Warner. I learned about EC-DC-IC-A, communities and their interrelationships. Being a teacher I learned how I could integrate this new knowledge into the Grade 5 curriculum so that the curriculum had a purpose with meaning.

For me and my students, Sunship Journey was not a three day adventure. The three days demonstrated the fun, the caring, and the sharing atmosphere that is so crucial to a learning situation. There were responsibilities involved as well but they did not appear as forced upon one. During part of a year, our reading, writing, sharing, science, math and art subjects were correlated with the environment and our trips. It was a learning situation where by the students learned from one another, the students learned from the teacher and the teacher learned from the students.

Thank you Alan and George. I am very fortunate that I have had these wonderful experiences that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.