Norma MacLean - "Salar"

Core Contribution: "Organization Builder"

When Salar arrived on the scene, there were a lot of inspirational ideas and creative programs in concept, but it was her hard organizational work over many years that gave us the administrative foundation that is essential to any programmatic effort that maintains and expands its excellence and reach over years. Salar was the rock on which programs were built.

Leadership Contributions: 1991 - ongoing

Assistant coordinator for nine years with a hand in all aspects of ensuring the programs were at their best.

Personal Reflection

When I think of the time that I spent working at the Outdoor Centre, the words adventure and expansion come to mind. Snippets of some of the activities linger in my mind – Nightwatchers, early morning singing before breakfast, young people at the microphone sharing discoveries, the Leaf!, Sunship beads and of course, EC-DC-IC-A.

I remember the fun at mealtimes with Professor Know-It-All, the weather report, spaghetti utensil suppers, Inch by Inch, and ice creams on the last day! I remember the wonderful cooks Trish, Sam, Diana, Scott, Horsetail and Kilimanjaro.

I remember the friendships many of them still current after eighteen years – the campers coming to MEE, returning as leaders – some still there!

It was a time of growth for the programs with many spin-offs of the Sunship Earth program – Vision 2020, Mysterious Encounters Earth and then Winter Treasures. The goal was always to involve more children – expanding Mysterious Encounters to the fall with amazing high school leaders, scheduling staff so that we could run Vision 20/20 and Mysterious Encounters concurrently, continually looking for new camps to accommodate growing numbers from Camp Nedooae on to Long Lake, and the current home, Camp Mockingee.