Melissa Duggan - "Cricket"

Core Contribution: "Creative Passion"

Caring, beauty, inspiration, energy, tirelessness, art, love, gentleness, sensitivity – the feelings that Cricket brings to everything she does.

Leadership Contributions: 1993 - ongoing

Many, many roles over many years from participating in day camps and Sunship as a kid to being a team leader for Vision 20/20 and the program coordinator for Mysterious Encounters and Winter Treasures.

Personal Reflection

I did it for the Money. no wait, that’s not right… At first it was the people that drew me in, seriously interesting people running ridiculously unique and compelling programs. What a way to spend my summers! Very quickly, being in the woods felt familiar, a sense of belonging and attachment reminded me that once upon a time I was also a forest creature. Learning about the impact that me and the people of my culture have on this planet has inspired me to be critical enough about the choices I make that my life has become a creative adventure. The obvious next step to living in the city and teaching about clean air and fresh water, was to re-locate to a place that really had those things. I don’t forget my roots though, I’m grateful for these programs, the nature of which brings out the best in people, and to the creative minds behind their humble beginnings.