Matt Maguire - "Hurricane"

Core Contribution: "Deep Perspective"

Merging the silly with the serious is Hurricane. The silliness may get higher profile (and he is funny!), but it is the serious critical thinker, the person that looks at things from multiple perspectives and then builds on the strengths and suggests ways to make it even better, that is a gift that Hurricane in particular has brought to the Centre and all those he works with.

Leadership Contributions: 2005 - ongoing

Three years at Vision 20/20 including the role of team leader, two years with Mysterious Encounters and the summer day programs.

Personal Reflection

It’s rare to have to act like a crow on the first day of a new job. I had never experienced that before and, as it turns out, I really like it.

I have always had a playful nature. I love to play games, use funny voices and pretend to be different characters. Before working at the Adventure Earth Centre I had only done this to amuse friends and annoy family. That all changed when I became a Vision 20/20 Staff Leader. Suddenly, I was able to use my silly side to engage young people in conversations concerning serious concepts, such as youth development and the protection of the environment.

During my time with the AEC, I have come to learn the importance of merging the silly with the serious. I now know that the best way to encourage change is to engage people by making change enjoyable. I continue to use this lesson in both my work and personal life.