Mary Sweatman - "Marsh Marigold"

Core Contribution: "The Curious Magician"

Something special happened and no one seemed to know much of how or who… it was magic… it was Mary behind the scenes. She seemed so quiet until you saw her in full character!

Leadership Contributions: 2003 - ongoing

Vision 20/20 leader and team leader, Mysterious Encounters leader and coordinator, Cycle Savers leader.

Personal Reflection

First of all, I am so honoured to be considered an Elder of the HRM Adventure Earth Centre.

My first day as a Vision 20/20 leader included a meeting with all the Vision 20/20 staff for that season at the AEC in Halifax. The first thing we did was introduce ourselves (by our ‘real’ names, as we had not created nature names yet) and it was a remarkably talented group; longtime employees of the AEC, masters students, musicians, activists, artists, Earth Educators, innovators, story tellers – I was already inspired and it just kept getting better, as the Vision 20/20 program unfolded around me. First as a participant, as the veteran Vision folks led us through the program, and then as a leader, taking on acting and teaching roles. Every activity and every role led to further growth and development, as a leader and as an environmentalist. I was hooked; I loved this program and the other day programs at the centre, I loved the passionate characters that worked and volunteered at the centre, I loved what I was learning and how I was growing.