Mark McCallum

Core Contribution: "Program Caretaker"

We are getting those twenty year old props slowly replaced that Mark worked on many years ago. He was the LIT the first year of Sunship and he was the caretaker of programs through those early years where there were few staff and limited continuity… always there making sure that things happened smoothly and well… trying to stem the chaos and shape it in strong positive directions. Mark was a transmitter of culture from whom we all drew strength.

Leadership Contributions: 1993 - ongoing

Leadership of Sunship, Vision 20/20, Mysterious Encounters and day programs, several years each.

Personal Reflection

I worked with George and Alan for years, helping start, lead and build the props for Sunship, Summer Day Camps, Mysterious Encounters Earth, and Vision 20/20. I fondly remember making many of the props that are probably still used in Sunship, MEE and V2020 today.