Kim Mundle

Core Contribution: "Determined Leadership"

The very first year, the very beginning, Kim was a superb high school leader for Sunship Journey in 1981, and that determined, quality leadership has carried through over many, many years, particularly early on when there were even fewer resources, be it people, materials or dollars. Kim has always made so much happen with so little, always there to pitch in.

Leadership Contributions: 1981 - ongoing

Leadership of Sunship Earth four years and Vision 20/20 two. Several years leading Mysterious Encounters and working in summer day programs, plus countless hours training staff in 1st Aid.

Personal Reflection

I still go walking in Fleming Park. The trees, the scent of pine, the sound of birds all remind me of wonderful times spent leading children and training other leaders in magical programs. I am flooded with memories of feeling peaceful, at home and in harmony with nature. After meeting George Taylor, Alan Warner and Ted Scrutton, through the Sunship Journey program, I was inspired to study recreation. I had found my passion. The Adventure Earth Centre and the Sunship Earth program helped me make sense of concepts such as photosynthesis, how energy is stored in coal, and the soil cycle. I learned as much as the children! I became a zealous recycler, waste watcher and composter, sometimes driving my family to distraction, but two decades later the values that I observed at the Adventure Earth Centre still have a strong influence on me. I visited my Magic Spot today to get in the mood to write this reflection.