Jamesie Coolican - "Thistle"

Core Contribution: "Organized Quality"

Thistle is the organizer for a quality result, always asking and taking the initiative to make sure things happened smoothly, safely and well. She provides quality that inspires trust from all of those around her.

Leadership Contributions: 1999 - ongoing

Three years of leadership of Vision 20/20 (one as team leader) and Mysterious Encounters, work in summer day camps and leadership at Sunship Earth.

Personal Reflection

The following are ways in which the Adventure Earth Centre has had a significant impact on my life and my way of living:

  • Memories of fun times are cherished and ever-lasting.
  • Friendships have grown and remained over the years.
  • The power of youth and the role they play in changing the world we live in.
  • To always evaluate the impact I am having on the environment and to make changes to my way of living that decrease my footprint on the earth.