Hugh MacDonald - "Mudwasp"

Core Contribution: "Leader in Service"

“Yes”… “no problem”… “sure I will get that for you”… “we can make that work”… “if that is what you need to offer a great program, we can do it!”… and time after time he delivers.

Leadership Contributions: 2000 - 2010

Making the AEC a welcoming, can-do place for many years, except for his year of secondment when we missed him greatly (not to mention all of the other things he does for HRM).

Personal Reflection

I began my journey with the Adventure Earth Centre in the fall of 2000 as the Community Recreation Coordinator after having worked with Community Recreation Services in both Halifax and Dartmouth for sixteen years. For the past ten years it truly has been an amazing journey for me! My reflection is timely as we have been meeting recently to discuss our strategic plan for the next five years and looking at the Adventure Earth Centre’s vision, mission and core values.

As we look back at where we have been over the past twenty-five years, and where we hope to go in the future, one thing remains a constant at the Adventure Earth Centre and that is our young people. When I think of the Adventure Earth Centre, I see young faces fullof smiles, joy, excitement, and the sparkle of anticipation of what’s next! The passion, spirit, dedication and energy of our youth leaders is incredible! I feel so lucky and fortunate to have had this opportunity to have worked with and for so many special young leaders over the last ten years. What an amazing experience! What amazing individuals! Thank You!

It is truly comforting to know that our world will be in better hands with each and every group of young leaders that come up through the Adventure Earth Centre. I hope that as our young leaders become the new elders of our special community, that they too will understand and appreciate the importance of providing a safe place for our young people to belong, grow, share, and contribute.

Together we will make our world a better place!