George Taylor - "Oak"

Core Contribution: "Empowering Belief"

It is no coincidence that the “Elder Tree” of the Adventure Earth Centre is an “oak”, for Oak has been the heart of the adventure earth centre for nearly thirty years. Through all that time he has been there to believe in and support everyone from the youngest child to the oldest supporter. His ability to inspire and empower all those around him has made the AEC what it is today. It is not a coincidence that tremendous people gravitate to the AEC, it is because we value so greatly the culture that Oak has empowered.

Leadership Contributions: 1980 - 2010

Has and continues to assure the vision, mission, cultural and financial health of the Centre. Has led in so many facets and perspectives.

Personal Reflection

The Adventure Earth Centre has been my work life for 28 years. How truly fortunate for me to be able to make that statement. It’s a very powerful memory to recall so many great years of developing and leading programs, watching youth leaders “get it”, having the best staff in HRM and just being part of a team of great people that share on a different level from a common if not spoken belief. I know it’s not just me that has felt many times the ten fold you get back from giving when you see just one child’s success, one young leader connecting, or the staff that finds direction in life. I wish I could remember the number of people, all of names of those that have said to me “the Centre has made a big difference in my life”. I can’t see how my work life could have been any more fulfilled then to have lived it through the AEC.

The little stone church building has not changed much over all this time. Yes, a new washroom, kitchen, and a little office space… very little, but the workings are what have changed. The size, depth and number of programs that happen now from “the little Centre that could” are to my knowledge unmatched anywhere.

For me at this stage in life, to see the quality of staff and youth believing in and connecting to the AEC gives me a lifetime of satisfaction. The number of youth migrating to the AEC, growing like a strong family and a special team, is something that I celebrated every day. I can honestly say that I’m more excited about this feeling at Adventure Earth Centre today then I’ve been in the last 28 years.