Evan Warner - "Lutra"

Core Contribution: "Mischievous Creativity"

A devious twinkle in the eye, a mischievous sub-plot to an activity for whom the culprit is unknown, a bounty of magical events which makes the learning and fun that much more special, powerful and engaging – this is the creative work of Lutra.

Leadership Contributions: 2000 - ongoing

He started out on the Baby Border Patrol at Sunship Earth and went on to be a junior leader, leader in training, leader, and program coordinator of Sunship Earth (and Explorers) over many years, as well as a leader at Vision 20/20. Has contributed many years of filmmaking and technical support, having created the videos for Winter Treasures, Cycle Savers and Vision 20/20.

Personal Reflection

As the filmmaker, I yearn to innovate, discover and above all create. However the more I create the more I realize more that it is community, not objects or even ideas that sustain my passion. It is my community that supports, appreciates and ultimately drives my creative work. It’s my community for whom I create.

The AEC is the most supportive, energizing and inspirational community that I am part of. It has helped me become the person I am and instill the values that I hold most dear. The attention to detail, creativity and magic, and above all, the unflinching resolve that our environment and our kids must be respected and informed, has made the Adventure Earth Center and it’s surrounding community one of the most important things in my life.