Colin Gayle - "Osprey"

Core Contribution: "Steadfast Energy"

Osprey has contributed in so many roles for so long: from watching over kids on the waterfront, to entertaining all with zany Professor Know-It-Alls, to taking time with each child to help them learn at their own pace and in their own ways, to lugging props on many a hot day. Above all, for so many years, there has been his rock-solid commitment to excellence in each program highlighted by “Steadfast Energy.”

Leadership Contributions: 1995 - ongoing

Osprey attended Sunship, Mysterious Encounters Earth and Winter Treasures as a kid and went on to lead all of the above for at least five years each, plus three years of leadership at Vision 20/20, five years of leadership at day camps and a year of coordinating LEAD and Eco-Challenge.