Cate de Vreede - "Shooting Star"

Core Contribution: "Standards of Excellence"

From… How could have we lost that prop since last year?… That activity does not teach the message well, to… Wow this works so much better to have a complete list, to that was so well done! Behind so many of these transitions, from prop organization, ways for the Centre to be more sustainable in its practices, critical thinking about the environmental crisis, to delivering the best program in the highest quality way, Shooting Star has taken the initiative and developed the process and ideas to raise the bar. It has to be done well!

Leadership Contributions: 2005 - ongoing

Three years leading Vision 20/20, two as a Team Leader; LEAD coordinator, and Mindshift Development Team facilitator.

Personal Reflection

“Lieutenant Terrain, have you any good news?”

“Well, Captain, I do notice a small sub-deck called Nova Scotia. There seems to be a buzz of action at this station called the Adventure Earth Centre. They are taking young people outside, and helping them learn how to take care of the earth.”

“Good, Lieutenant. Implement these strategies on other decks immediately…”

This dialogue (revised from MindShift), between Lieutenant Terrain and the Captain reminds me a little of how I feel about the Centre. On a Spaceship Earth of doom and gloom scenarios and realities, the work of the AEC shines its bright light of hope. Hope in the form of children who love to be in nature, youth who are inspired to take action, young leaders who guide and inspire all ages, and supportive adult mentors who find the means for all this to happen.

Shooting Star is a big piece of who I am, and there would be no Shooter without the AEC. The despair I feel for our world fades when I know I am doing my best to help myself and others envision and work towards a more “harmonious” future. The AEC provides me with an outlet for doing this, and as I’ve grown, the Centre has evolved ways to keep me challenged, learning and feeling like I am making a meaningful contribution. I appreciate all of these opportunities, and feel a debt of gratitude to all the mentors (of all ages) I’ve had during my time there. A special thanks to all those involved with MindShift: you’ve made it real!