Andy Kirk

Core Contribution: "Sustained Supporter"

Andy has gone way beyond what a typical person responsible for a camp would do to make organizations comfortable using a facility. Much like the other famous “Kirk,” Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, any request is replied to with a we can “make it so.” Most importantly, Andy generated the ideas and saw through the major renovation of the dining hall from beginning to end so as to enable our Vision 20/20 program to shift to Camp Mockingee in 2007. Camp Mockingee is the AEC’s home in “the country” thanks to Andy in particular, and the broad support of the Windsor Rotary.

Leadership Contributions: 1997 - ongoing

Chair of the Committee responsible for Camp Mockingee for the Windsor Rotary Club, which runs the camp where nearly all of the AEC’s residential programs occur.

Personal Reflection

As a ‘venerable’ member of the Rotary Club of Windsor and a long time chair of Committee responsible for Camp Mockingee I am delighted to provide some thoughts regarding the Adventure Earth Centre, the various programs which have been hosted at the camp and the wonderful synergy which has developed between the AEC and Windsor Rotarians.

The motto of Rotary International is “Service Above Self” and with that maxim in mind the Windsor Rotary Club has always had a focus on service to those less fortunate. In particular, through the camp, scholarships, educational programs and the International Student Exchange Program, Windsor Rotarians have focused on service to youth.

With five of the AEC programs (Sunship, Vision 20/20, HEAT, Explorers and LEAD) using or having used Camp Mockingee during the last ten or more years it has been a most beneficial relationship for all concerned. The Club has been pleased to provide a facility where the campus and the surrounding 75 acres permit the Adventure Earth Centre to present a wide variety of youth leadership programs.

With a local and international Rotary focus on environmental stewardship as well as youth development and leadership programs, the relationship of the AEC and the Club has been a “marriage made in heaven” insofar as the Windsor club is concerned. Club plans and priorities have often been developed with the AEC use of the facility in mind. In addition, the purchase of additional acreage and the expansion and upgrading of the camp site would not have occurred without the cooperation of the two bodies, not to mention the suggestions and labour of the AEC staff.

As a Rotarian I have been delighted to facilitate this ongoing cooperation and the mutually beneficial relationship that provides our youth with environmental and educational experiences at Camp Mockingee.