Alan Warner - "Haathi"

Core Contribution: "Torchbearer"

Sunship Journey was the very first earth education program run at the Dingle Church (aka AEC) in 1981, and it was organized by Haathi to provide a powerful and engaging environmental learning experience for grade five children. From that initial flame, Haathi has been a leader in designing, developing and evaluating so many of the AEC programs over 30 years. He has spread a fire of magic and learning among many kids, youth and staff.

Leadership Contributions: 1980 - ongoing

Facilitation of the design, development and evaluation of Sunship Journey, Sunship Earth, Mysterious Encounters, Winter Treasures, Cycle Savers, Explorers, and Vision 20/20 as well as a member of the MindShift Development Team. Director of Sunship Earth for 15 years. Lots of contributions in lots of other ways.

Personal Reflection

Margaret Meade’s often cited quote rings so true to me as I reflect on the importance and impact of the AEC over many years – “Never doubt the ability of a small group to change the world, in fact it is the only thing that ever did!” I never cease to be amazed by the steady flow of people who turn up and share a life changing moment that occurred as part of an AEC program, people I never remember or had on the radar, people who came and moved on, so much richer for it. I think we have and continue to have an impact, and there is so much more to do. The problems have never been worse, yet the AEC is a part of what Paul Hawken has named the “Blessed Unrest”, the huge global movement of all those working for hope and change. We have added to it in a deep way based on the work and passion of so many. I have learned so much… that nature, magic and experience impel tremendous growth, that sustained partnership and collaboration produce exponentially more than any one person can accomplish alone, that enabling space for others to lead enriches everyone and the world, and that working with others to create a healthier planet, especially young people, is a deeply fulfilling and fun process.