Earth Education

Adventure Day Camps, School Programs, SunShip Earth, and Explorers.

Appreciating, understanding and caring for ourselves, each other and the earth are basic skills as we move into the 21st century. The Adventure Earth Centre takes a positive, values-building approach to developing a rewarding and healthy lifestyle. Our programs use exciting, active experiences in the natural world that are filled with magic and adventure as the foundation for developing appreciation, understanding, and caring. These experiences then become a springboard for focused activities and reflection back at home and school in which young people begin making concrete changes in their lifestyles. This approach is based on the work of the Institute for Earth Education, a non-profit educational organization working across the globe.

Hands-on leadership opportunities for young people are a key element of everything we do and create powerful experiential opportunities for young people to strengthen their personal leadership and gain confidence and skills.

This is how we work…

  • Safety:
    Professional staff facilitate each program with clear policies and procedures for risk management and safety, with the first priority on the health and well being of the young people. The foundation is passionate, qualified and well-trained leaders, many of whom have come up through these programs as participants.
  • Fun and Exploration in Nature: 
    Whether it is the magic of the Milky Way, the wonder of a butterfly, the adventure in a tiny cave, or the beauty of a sunset, fun, appreciation and exploration in the natural world are non-negotiable.
  • Making a Difference:
    We gain confidence through making a meaningful contribution to each other and the earth, and there is so much that needs to be done to create a sustainable and just world. Change begins with each of us recognizing and living our own values in healthy ways.
  • Unforgettable Adventures:
    Adventure may be found in a magical story, a dramatic mission, the challenge of reaching out to another, or the courage to stand up for one’s beliefs. We discover it in many ways.
  • Creating Community:
    Healthy relationships are a prerequisite to a healthy and fulfilling world, and we work in so many ways to create communities of young people who find friendship and support in each other.
  • Personal Discovery:
    Growth is about the discovery of who we in relation to the world around us. Each experience builds in opportunities for discovery and reflection, whether it is to be found in nature, in our own feelings and ideas, or in the new perspectives of others.
  • Teaching Ecological Wisdom:
    A healthy life and a healthy planet require that we understand the basic ecological principles that govern our ecosystems. Each program finds ways to communicate some of this wisdom.
  • Developing Leadership Skills:
    Whether it be leading a fulfilling life, leading others, or leading for social change, each experience develops age-appropriate skills that help young people to make a difference.