Mindshift in High Schools


MindShift is all about SHIFTING the culture in your high school toward environmental sustainability! It is designed by youth, for youth, to make a difference in schools and communities. MindShift is a powerful teaching and learning process that inspires action. Here’s how it works…

A volunteer youth team, with the support of an interested teacher, learns and presents the one-hour program to Grade 10 science classes. It starts with a hard-hitting dramatic approach to explaining the state of our planet based on current science. The classroom is dramatically transformed into the command deck of Starship Earth with a captain and six lieutenants reporting on the ship’s course as it travels through time to the year 2030. This cleverly morphs into a series of humourous skits on how we affect the planet through our daily activities, ending with a challenge to take practical steps to shift to a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle.


The presentations are an inspirational team building process for the youth team, which then moves on to organizing broader MindShift events in the school, joined by keen youth who have experienced the presentations. It maybe a buy nothing day, a re-gift exchange, a movie night or environmental coffee house, or simpler awareness campaigns around school. The team is a wealth of creativity! Go for it.

Mindshift Resources


  • MindShift Program Overview (PDF Download)
    A “two-pager” for those wanting a brief overview of the MindShift Program.
  • MindShift Team Manual (PDF Download)
    This manual is for MindShift youth team members and their coach. It includes the detailed nuts and bolts of developing a solid MindShift Team, and learning and performing the presentation. A supplementary training is also available. If you’d like a copy of it, contact us, explain your interest and role, and we will send it along.
  • Science 10 Teacher’s Guide (PDF Download)
    This guide prepares Science 10 teachers for having the MindShift presentation performed for their class. It includes instructions for the Science 10 teacher, links to the Science 10 curriculum outcomes, and provides an optional follow-up assignment and activity ideas related to the curriculum. Please let us know if you try new things and find new resources that would complement this resource.
  • Guide for MindShift Team Coaches (PDF Download)
    This is a resource for teachers who volunteer to be the adult support person for the MindShift team at their school.

For further information on MindShift please contact us at mindshift@earthed.ns.ca.