Mindshift History and Development

MindShift-logoIn September 2007, our group of youth came together to create MindShift with Cate Trueman, Alan Warner and George Taylor from the Adventure Earth Centre and Acadia University. Since then we have been working tirelessly and achieved more then we ever believed possible – creating the program, presenting it a number of times to public audiences and classrooms, performing it as a keynote presentation at both provincial (Recreation Nova Scotia) and national (EECOM) conferences, and training over sixty high school students to deliver MindShift in six high schools in the Halifax Regional Municipality. Throughout the developmental process, we have each learned the value of our impacts and have made some pretty big “shifts” in our own lives. We have put our hearts and souls into this program, and it’s been an experience that’s left us with many unforgettable memories.

We hope you have just as much fun presenting it as we’ve had developing it. And we hope that you make MindShift your own. As Sagar says, “MindShift is kind of like the Taj Mahal. Set up brick by brick so carefully, and everything in the right place. Something that we built, we put all our hard labour and hard effort into, but it could never be recreated in the same way. However, YOU could make the pyramids, or the sphinx, or something else!” Make it yours!

MindShift isn’t about changing the world with a single presentation. It’s about sparking an interest in those students, the beginning of a change. It about shifting the culture that we live in, and changing it for the better. We hope that you, as leaders, become change agents in your school, and that your team is a MindShift tour-de-force throughout the year.

Good Luck, fellow crew mates!!

Rachel Eisener


The Original MindShift Team:

(Clockwise from back left)

  • Peace Lily – Cate Ratcliffe
  • Hemlock – Elijah DeCoste
  • Hydro – Sagar Jha
  • Tundra – Camila Das Gupta
  • Snow – Rachel Eisener
  • Cucumber – Tayte Paige
  • Sunray – Stephanie Seemel

Not Pictured:

  • Nimbus – Connor MacNeil
  • Shooting Star – Cate Trueman
  • Haathi – Alan Warner
  • Oak – George Taylor