MindShift Events and Initiatives

MindShift-logoPicture this… you’ve just finished presenting to a class of Grade 10’s. Three keen students have clearly been blown away by your team. They come up to you and say “So, what else is going on at this school that I can get involved in? What else does MindShift do?” What are you going to tell them?

  1. Invite them to join the MindShift Team. Perhaps there is room for them to take on a small character roll next term, and if not, they can become “understudies” (just in case someone is absent at the last minute, or for next year).
  2. Tell them about the upcoming MindShift event that your team is organizing. Invite them to help out, or at least to attend and bring some friends.
  3. If there’s nothing on the horizon with MindShift, encourage them to check out other interesting groups in your school (like social justice, global issues, or environmental clubs or charities).


  • To provide chances for the Grade 10’s who’ve seen MindShift to get involved
  • To shift the culture of your school. Get students, teachers and staff involved!
  • Set an example, inspire, be a role model for others. WALK THE TALK!
  • To build momentum, to bring your Team closer together, to work on a cool project with friends.
  • To have fun while sending a message!

Making it Happen

  • Get your team on-board, brainstorm together
  • Let your teacher know your idea. Maybe he or she can help…?
  • Start planning WELL in advance (more than a month!)
  • Make a timeline
  • Do the W5:
    • Who are you targeting? Who can help you?
    • When will it take place (date, time)?
    • Where? (book the space)
    • What? Define your goal(s), make a specific focus
    • Why is this event important? How will it help?
  • Marketing- how will you get the word out? How can you get to those hard-to-reach people?
  • Money- do you need it? Where will you get it? Will you make money? For what cause?
  • Organization- delegate tasks!! Who’s doing what?
    • Marketing? Meetings? Communication? Planning? Fundraising?
  • Walking the Talk- is your event sustainable? (recycled paper, no waste, reusing supplies, local/organic/fair trade food, etc.)
  • Record how it goes- take photos, write an article for the media, tell Shooter
  • Have fun!


Your team is a wealth of creativity! Undoubtedly you will be able to brainstorm oodles of excellent ideas for events you could do. Below are a few ideas just to get you started thinking about the possibilities. Feel free to make up your own new, creative event!

  • Buy Nothing Day: Nov. 27, 2009www.adbusters.org/campaigns/bnd
    Event ideas: Trading Post, Green Auction, Coffeehouse, Clothing Swap
  • Simplify the Holidays: Decemberwww.newdream.org/holiday/simplify
    Event ideas: Make-your-own-gifts workshop, Re-Gift Exchange, Awareness booth
  • World Water Day: March 22, 2009www.worldwaterday.org
    Event ideas: Perform a Skit, H2O Game Show, Bottled Water awareness
  • Green Your School:www.otesha.ca/being+the+change/take+action/guides.en.html
    Event ideas: Eco-footprint, Energy Audit, Waste Audit, Energy Challenges
  • Earth Day: April 22, 2009www.earthday.ca
    Event ideas: Green Week, Plant trees, Pick-up-to-win, Letter-writing campaign
  • Compost Awareness Week: May 2009www.compost.org
    Event ideas: Compost Tea demo, School Garden, Vermi-compost demo
  • Biodiversity Day: May 22www.cbd.int/ibd
    Events ideas: Movie Night, Fundraiser for WWF, Adopt-an-animal, Web-of-Life display
  • Environment Week: May 31-June 6, 2009www.ec.gc.ca/e-week
    Event ideas: Endless possibilities!! Frenchy’s Fashion Show, Idle-Free campaign

Sources of Inspiration

Check out these awesome websites and keep an eye out for the “Take Action” tabs:

MindShift Event Guide

And of course, if you need more help coming up with ideas and figuring out how to run events, the trusty MindShift Events Guide is a wonderful resource – check it out!