H.E.A.T. provides great opportunities for youth, ages 13 and up, who have an interest in the environment and who would like to “make a difference”. It is “youth driven” and aims to provide opportunities for leadership, to develop personal skills, to create service and action projects, to participate in active living opportunities, and to remain connected to other like-minded youth and the Adventure Earth Centre.

H.E.A.T. currently has a membership of over 95 youth from all across HRM, with 10 high schools and 8 junior high schools being represented by the group. There is also a membership of over 25 adult volunteers, whom the youth fondly refer to as “the Council of Elders”, and who act as support, resources and mentors to the youth members.

Some of the HEAT activities include….

  • Teambuilding such as very successful weekends at Camp Mockingee
  • Service Projects such as…
    • volunteering at a food bank
    • making props for programs at the Adventure Earth Centre
    • conducting the great “Pick up to Win” challenge with Tim Horton cups
  • Environmental Leadership with children such as…
  • Public Education on environmental awareness, active living and youth engagement;
    • participating in recent HRM active living events
    • serving as the youth leadership team at the Salt of the Earth national environmental education conference
    • working on HRM’s “Reduce Idling” campaign

In addition to these events and initiatives, a core group of members meet on a regular basis to participate in the governance, planning and direction of the group. They have also created a Facebook page which includes information about HEAT, important notices and a “scrapbook” of photos, as well as a place where members are able to take part in discussions.