Wild Party: A Timberlea Adventure

Distance: 2.4 km returnApprox. Time: 2hrsTransit: Available

Trail Description

Timberlea Trailhead
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The trail is an abandoned railway with a wide, flat, hard-packed surface. It is excellent for biking and extends beyond this small section from Lakeside Industrial Park for about 9 km to Hubley.

The Adventure

Prepare a party for Mother Nature and share in the fun...

Do you like birthday parties? Remember your favourite one. Today you're invited to a “wild” party for Mother Nature! But you have to go as a wild creature. Disguise yourself as a weasel like the one that lives nearby and visit other creatures along the way. Get ideas from them for your gift. Help them out by presenting their gifts to Mother Nature as some can't get off from their work.

Trail Updates

  • July 2013: Trail has been checked and is in good condition.