Rock Hounds: A Polly Cove Adventure

Distance: 2.2 km returnApprox. Time: 1 hr 30 min

Trail Description

Polly Cove Trailhead
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This is a spectacular walk across rock barrens to the ocean. Make sure small children are well supervised as there are dangerous drops not too far from the trail.

The Adventure

Sniff out worlds of wonder as a rock hound...

Become an official Rock Hound and journey to Boulderland. Sniff out the symbols, patterns and gems nature has hidden in stone. Do you have the skills to uncover Boulderland's secrets? Beware! Legends say this strange land has ferocious flesh eating plants! Keep your nose to the wind and your eyes peeled!

Trail Updates

  • July 2013:┬áTrail has been checked and is in good condition, no changes required.