Nature Pirates: A Northwest Arm Adventure

Distance: 4 km return (paddling)Approx. Time: 2 hr 30 minTransit: Available

Trail Description

Northwest Arm Trailhead
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This is a beautiful paddle with stops on a sandy beach and a wooded island. Call the HRM St. Mary’s Boat Club for information on canoe rentals at 490-4688. It is preferable to go at lower tides, so check tide times online. Check the weather for increasing winds beforehand by calling 426-9090. There is a launch at the very base of Jubilee Road if you have your own boat.

The Adventure

Join a voyage of discovery as a Nature Pirate...

Har, Har! Found: a pirate map! This is a copy of an old map that some say came from the safe of a sunken pirate ship. Legends tell of pirates coming to the Northwest Arm to hide their treasures. But the pirates who left this map were hunting for treasure: nature's treasures. And the Northwest Arm is full of them. Can you become a nature pirate and find the hidden treasures? Beware; a pirate's life is full of danger and mystery.

Trail Updates

  • July 2013:¬†Trail has been checked and is in good condition, no changes required.