An Ant's Life: A Mount Uniacke Adventure

Distance: 2.5 km returnApprox. Time: 2 hr 30 min

Trail Description

Mount Uniacke Trailhead
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The trail is wide and fairly level and goes along the lakeshore, turns up into a spruce forest and leads over a hilltop with an excellent view. There are outhouses at the trailhead and interpretive signs along the trail on the history of the Uniacke Estate.

The Adventure

Enter an ant's life filled with wonder and discovery...

Enter the world of small and become an ant. You are a worker ant sent here to scout out a place for a new ant colony. This is where many ants live and work together, just like in a human city. Explore different areas to see where you can meet your needs for food, shelter and recreation. Be ready to crawl to see things from an ant's point of view. Put on your ant costume and become an ant.

Trail Updates

  • July 2010:┬áTrail has been checked and is in good condition, no changes required.