Treasure Island: A McNab’s Island Adventure

Distance: 5 kmApprox. Time: 5 -7 hrs

Trail Description

McNab’s Island Trailhead
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This is a magnificent wild island in the middle of Halifax Harbour. It’s historic forts, ruins – and their stories – make for an incredible journey through history. Access is by boat only but numerous operators offer trips. Check “Boat-Cruises” in the yellow pages. The trail follows relatively smooth cart tracks and woodland trails.

The Adventure

Travel through time to discover treasure...

Travel through time with the help of instructions from an old book in search of clues to the treasure of this magnificent island. You'll climb the walls of Fort McNab as a spy, visualize British sailing ships glide by the beach, explore the shore through the eyes of a Mi'kmaq and play games in the spirit of the McNabs family. Each stop in time will give you a clue to discovering the treasure. Good luck!

Trail Updates

  • March 2011: Stop 3: The Cliff trail from Fort McNab to McNab’s Pond is inaccessible, though there are hopes of improving it in the next year. However, after Stop 2, you can retrace your path toward the Garrison Road. About half way back you can turn left on the “Brow Hill Trail” which will take you down to McNabs Pond where you can turn right and will soon be at Stop 4.