The Magician's Apprentice: A Martinique Beach Adventure

Distance: 0.5 km returnApprox. Time: 2 hr

Trail Description

Martinique Beach Trailhead
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This adventure traverses a small section of a sandy beach on the Atlantic Ocean. A larger beach to the left extends about 4 km. It is best to go at low tide, so check the tide charts at There are washrooms, picnic tables, charcoal pits and boardwalks. The beach has supervised swimming. The salt marsh behind the beach is a haven for bird life. Late July to September is the best time to see the greatest diversity of birds.

The Adventure

Become the Magician's Apprentice...

A powerful magician lives at Martinique Beach. She works magic on sand and surf, bringing life to the beach. Become the magician's apprentice and find the signs of magic here. You'll discover her cauldrons and make one of your own. Search out the ingredients for her special potion and mix them in your cauldron. Once it is made, the magician's identity will be revealed. Put on your hat and begin!

Trail Updates

  • July 2013:┬áTrail has been checked and is in good condition, no changes required.