Wharf Rat Tale: A Halifax Waterfront Adventure

Distance: 1.8 km returnApprox. Time: 1.5 hrTransit: AvailableAccessible: Yes

Trail Description

Halifax Waterfront Trailhead
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The trail starts in downtown Halifax on the waterfront side of the Sheraton Hotel adjacent to Historic Properties. This is a fun walk along the waterfront exploring how wild creatures survive in an urban landscape.

The Adventure

Discover and survive in a wharf rat's world...

What's the neatest creature on the waterfront? Why a wharf rat of course! People give rats a bad reputation. Rats live wherever people live, and without knowing it, we interact with them almost every day. Your mission is to become a rat, outwit those humans and survive! Rats mostly come out at night but you're an adventurous and hungry rat.

Trail Updates

  • July 2013:┬áTrail has been checked and is in good condition, no changes required.