Hidden Message: A Crowbar Lake Adventure

Distance: 2 km returnApprox. Time: 2 hr 30 min

Trail Description

Crowbar Lake Trailhead
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This is a beautiful wilderness trail loop. The trail climbs through mixed forest and skirts a small pond. It is rock with roots. Good footwear is important. The first half of the trail is uphill and the 2nd half returns back down.

The Adventure

Roll about in search of a hidden message...

Rollads are curious fun-loving creatures that use all of their senses to explore in nature. They are alphabetophiles. That is, they love letters. To reach Rolladhood and receive a Degree of Letters, all young Rollads must use their senses to unscramble nature's hidden message. Do you have what it takes to earn your degree and become an adult Rollad?

Trail Updates

  • July 2013:┬áTrail has been checked and no changes are required.