An Incredible Ecological Adventure Camp for ages 10-12!

We are all traveling at an incredible speed around the sun on a ship we call earth. Our mission is to gain the appreciation, understanding and caring for our planet so as to become engaged and confident crew members. Welcome aboard! Join us for…

The FUN and Excitement of Residential Camp at its Very Best

  • Adventure in Nature: Whether it is the magic of the Milky Way, the wonder of a butterfly, or the adventure in a tiny cave, you’ll be exploring the mystery in nature with all sorts of surprises thrown in!
  • Canoeing & Swimming: There’s a neat lake to discover while improving your skills
  • Magic Spots: Your own beautiful spot in the forest, a quiet time to enjoy the peaceful things around you!
  • Good Food: A professional chef who knows how to please… and mealtime is spiced with adventure too!
  • Campfires: Songs, stories, and skits, with a twist of “magic”
  • Good Friends: A fun cooperative group which values each person

Hands-On Learning & A Sustainable Future:

Young people learn ecology and science best by doing. Sunship Earth is learning that’s different, it makes a world of difference…

  • Sneak into a giant leaf to discover how plants make food
  • Become an animal and challenge yourself to capture food and survive
  • Solve the riddles to discover the kidnapped, and the kidnapper

A Safe, Quality Program in a Beautiful Setting!

One leader for every 4 participants, specially trained in outdoor environmental learning.

  • A qualified lifeguard for water activities along with trained canoe instructors.
  • A cooperative learning approach that builds positive, caring relationships with others and the earth.
  • An internationally acclaimed program run on three continents, developed by the Institute for Earth Education.
  • A tremendous setting. Camp Mockingee is a fully serviced residential camp on a scenic lake surrounded by beautiful forest outside of Windsor, NS. Attractive cabins, full bathrooms, a newly renovated dining hall, and a safe, sandy swimming area make it a very comfortable place to be!


Space is limited to 84 participants, 42 per session. Registration is first-come, first-serve basis beginning in January. The fee is $325, tax included, for the six-day program, which includes all meals and lodging as well as a Sunship Earth T-shirt! A $100 deposit is due upon registration with the remainder due as of June 20. Some financial support and scholarships are available.

Program Details

He talked NON-STOP of nothing else for about three days [afterwards]; spent several evenings (rain or shine) stargazing and listening for owls and frogs. By day seven the beads he had been wearing to bed finally came off for the first time.
Tell me and I will forget;
Show me and I may remember;
Involve me and I will understand.