Environmental Day Camps

Discovery Camps (Ages 7-9)

Call of the Wild – Eco Scientists – Pirate’s Paradise – Nature Detectives
Park Rangers – Ocean Adventures – Time Travellers


A step away from the ordinary! Each camp has its own unique theme and storyline with a focus on fun, adventure and environmental learning. Become a modern day Pirate in search of treasure or a Nature Detective trying to uncover unsolved mysteries in Fleming Park. Exciting adventures and challenges await campers on the trails in Fleming Park, along the sea shore and around the Frog Pond. Each day is structured to provide a good balance of active and passive activities that include games, drama, songs, stories, exploration, and physical activity related to the theme of the camp.

Adventure Camps (Ages 10-12)

Urban Explorers – Food for Thought – Outdoor Odyssey – Eco Scientists – Rings of Life – Geology Rocks


Outdoor adventure based camps that will provide campers with an opportunity to learn new skills and sample a variety of outdoor activities. Each camp has its own specific theme and exciting adventures that will be both challenging and fun! Whether it’s conducting science experiments, growing and cooking our own food, finding your way with a map and compass, or canoeing on the North West Arm, it’s all about discovering the Great Outdoors. These programs are for campers who like to be ACTIVE!

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